NP Paklenica is the proclamation of other national park in Croatia, has declared 19th listopada 1949th year, only months after the Plitvice Lakes. It should be noted that the first Paklenica National Park was declared Already in 1929. year, but the law which should be revised every year, and it did not seem to happen. The basic phenomena of NP Paklenica are forests and geomorphological features of the park. In almost Non forest area the southern part of Velebit Paklenica appears extremely rich forest communities, and the special place occupied by forests of pine whose resin (pitch), which is referred to them in the past taken out of Paklenica and named, and beech and pine curve. Habitat is endemic Croatian plantlets called pljeskarica (Arenaria orbicularis) and other plant and animal rarities, full of karst forms. Tel.: 00385 / 23 / 369-155, 369-202, 369 -803 (Ulazna recepcija Parka)