National Park North Velebit, the Croatian national park, declared on 9 June 1999. year. The diversity of karst phenomena, and plant and animal life are only part of the special nature of this whole picture. Inside the park there is a strict reserve and Rozanski Rozanski Cook, Luke's Cave - one of the deepest cave in the world (discovered in 1999.), A botanical reserve "Visibaba" the habitats of the endemic Croatian sibiraea (Sibiraea altaiensis ssp. Croat), forest reserve Borov top, botanical reserve Zavizan Balinovac-great-hair and the famous Velebit Botanical garden. In the extreme south there is a special reserve of forest vegetation Stirovaca. The park is criss-crossed with numerous hiking trails, the most famous Premuziceva trail. The park is 109 sq/km. Virtual tour of Velebit tel.: 053 665 380