Within the Velebit mountain, there are strict botanical reserves, natural monuments, and 2 national parks (Paklenica and Northern Velebit). The category also includes special protection of the cove. Zavratnica is certainly one of the most beautiful coves of the Croatian coast. Looks like a miniature Norwegian fjords. It is only 15 minutes walk along the coast from Jablanac. So it can be reached from the village of Zavratnica, descending from the viewpoint sandy trail to the bay. The bay is 900 meters long and the width ranges from 50 to 150 m, canyon rises a height of 100 m. Because of its natural values ​​in 1964. was  declared a protected area, in 1981.became part of the Velebit Nature Park. Rukelj apartments offer you an organized boat trip to the bay Zavratnica.  

Origin of Zavratnica

According to legend, Zavratnica was formed in the strong earthquake back in 615th , in which three old Roman town in the area sank. The true origin of the bay is  different. It was due to tectonic movements that have fractured carbonate rocks, after which the water from Velebit deepened the canyon. How Adriatic coast slowly sank, so the canyon of Zavratnica gradually lowered into the sea, and from it emerged Velebit which pulled saltwater in the bay.  

History of Zavratnica

In the early 20th century building, the upper trail with gazebo and walkway by the sea. Around this time Zavratnica resort becomes secretive elite of Vienna and Prague. It is visited by many famous people of that time (Dr. Miroslav Hirtz, Arpad von Degen, etc.). Magic Attraction of Zavratnica could not resist even the well-known writer Vjenceslav Novak, who is here finding inspiration for their works.  

Undersea of Zavratnica

The bay can be seen the remains of a ship by the 1944th Mr. sunk Allied planes. The boat is a real challenge to curious underwater explorers.  

The flora

Zavratnica the poor soil, and hence the development of flora and vegetation scarce here. The flora is represented by 129 different species of plants, of which 100 indigenous and 29 introduced species. To stop the torrent of work, the man dry-built cascade and terrace where the cypresses planted, and the Aleppo pine, fig, oak and other trees.   Video visit to Zavratnica by boat