Starigrad is a village and small harbor on the coast of the Velebit Channel, close to Paklenica National Park, 45km south of Karlobag. Equally interesting is the to swimmers and hikers. Staying at the Riviera Paklenica offers a unique opportunity to visit the original site where once rode Winnetou and enjoy the unique preserved natural beauty for which they were chosen as film locations. Some sites can be visited independently, but for locations on Velebit recommend organized tour as part of Velebit photo safari. For an independent tour of shooting locations, we recommend to use the tourist map of Winnetou. The organized tour is available by bus or off-road vehicles under the Jeep safari. Boat trips depart from Starigrad-Paklenica. Legendary films about the Indian chief Winnetou were shot 60-of the last century by the works of Karl May in many locations in Croatia.