Is located between the northeastern part of the island and the mainland coast in the northern part of the Velebit Channel, west of the island it was St. Gregory the north island Prvic. Since the land is situated about 6 km from the island of Rab 5 km. Along the southwestern coast of the island is ruined and deserted village Maslinje. Southwestern coast Goli are low and affordable with bays and Senjska Tatinja, and are suitable for swimming. North and east coast of the island are high, steep cliff, and the east coast are steep gorges with the bottom at depths up to -103 m is the westernmost rocky promontory Sajal, and the southernmost Cape Blažna is low and the small islet of him naked with a large settlement seagull . In the northeast, over high gorges, Cape Markonj is the highest peak Head Island, 223 meters of the largest islands are bare rocky slopes with sparse grass, and only along the west coast were abandoned parks trees and pittosporum torbira Chinese, who are in this rocky area forcibly planted former inmates. Bare Island is mostly barren and still no permanent residents, except for flocks of sheep. In past centuries the island of Naked mainly used for grazing sheep, so the earlier it existed only a few seasonal shepherds' dwellings and rainwater tanks. Tito is the bare island founded by Steve Krajacic proposal. Until the First World War on Naked Island was no settlement, when the Austro Hungarian Empire that made ​​a camp for Russian prisoners from the Eastern Front. After the Second World War, during the Socialist Yugoslavia, the first group of convicts arrived on the island of Naked, precisely, was thrown from the ship on the rocks, 9 July, 1949., a total of about 1200 people. and marked the beginning of the island Goli as rigorous imprisonment (prison), where only political prisoners were detained. This prison was in the hands of the federal government until 1956., When passed into the SR Croatian. While in the SR Croatian jurisdiction, in prison on Goli are generally placed political prisoners, but after they were detained persons who have committed criminal acts (theft, murder ...), and sometimes they were imprisoned and juvenile delinquents. Contrary to the frequent images, Goli spent time in prison not only the communists - Cominform supporters, but also other political prisoners (Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian and other anticommunist and nationalist). The prisoners were forced into hard labor in the quarry and mines bauxite, regardless of weather conditions: at high temperatures in summer and winter cold bora. Prisoners were regularly beaten and humiliated. The prison was shut down in 1988th, a year after 1989., Was completely abandoned and is now partly in ruins. Naked island is now visited by tourists and fishermen and shepherds from the island of Rab, which at summer bring their sheep on grazing.